Design for Web & Print

for as low as $59


We develop, maintain and improve your website on a regular basis.

Ater your website is done we won't walk away like most agencies.

We'll stay and make sure your website helps your company grow.

We serve small business
and non-profit organizations in Canada

Based in Vancouver, beatiful British Columbia.
We help small companies get big.

Supporting small business is a big thing for us. We go to our clients and meet owners in person. We take real photos of products, services, process, staff, facility. We enjoy editing photos to make them even better than traditional photo stock images so the photos represent the business in a unique way.

Why choose Rocket

  • Imagine you order a new web design from another agency. What happens after you get a beatiful new website? Right, you'll be left alone with it. Rocket will stay with you as long as you need us.
  • Google loves when a website gets changed. In this case Google knows that your website is alive. So adding new pages throughout time helps your websites get a better position in search.
  • With our exceptionally affordable full service plan you get so much more than a new website.


Every project we do is very unique.

We assume that having real photos of your business will gain more trust from prospective customers.

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We live and work in Vancouver, BC.
We love meeting people and we love going on site to take a real taste of business.


Web Developer, Desinger, Photographer


Art Director


Software Developer


This is how we work step by step.

  • Stage 1

    Audit & Research

    We understand your business first by learning about your company, your products or services and most importantly your customers. Let's meet for a cup of coffee to discuss how your business is feeling now and how we can put it on a new level.

  • Stage 2


    If you don't have any texts or photos or images for your new website it isn't a problem. Our team is so good at copyrighting so we can create cool selling texts for you. We also love photography so we'll take few shots of your business, your products and services, your team. It's included in the offer, no extra charge.

  • Stage 3


    Did you know that you and your customers see the same website differently. Most likely, you check your website on a desktop computer but did you know that many of your customers come from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets? The problem is solved! We create a responsive design website which looks and works great on any device.

  • Stage 4


    We won't leave you after your new website is launched into space. It's important to see how people react and what changes can be made to get you more phone calls and inquiries from new customers. However, you can relax a little bit on this stage and open a bottle of something sparkling.


Full service plan
Monthly payments.
(No other fee!)

A single page website
(landing page)

Multi-pages website
(up to 10 pages)


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We are in Vancouver, British Columbia.